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I reserve the right to link to things I like for any reason... That's part of this biz!

My friends and compatriots deserve a link. And I like to link to my stuff to get you to go there and check it out. If you'd like a link from here to your stuff, you'll have to convince me that it's good stuff. And you'll have to link to something of mine somewhere, or to one of my clients. After all, it's all about helping people, right?

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Okay. So the most important thing in my life is my faith. Sorry if that offends you or anything. But my family runs a Christian Retreat Center. It's called Easy Yoke Ranch. If you need a rest, and you call Christ your Savior, make sure to check it out.

Secondly, I love my family. I won't be linking to any personal websites or anything though, because they're... well... personal!

I do have a website that's dedicated to my speaking enterprise. I speak at a good number of seminars a year, and I really enjoy it. For some reason, this domain has had a PR0 since the dawn of time. Probably because it used to point to another domain that had duplicate content. Whatever the reason, it's where I put my speaker information, and I don't give a rip if Google likes it or not... so here's the link to the Nathan Anderson speaker website.

As for my other ventures, there are many. I really like health info. You can imagine that I appreciate good data on that side too. Well, one thing I really examine is the whole acid/alkaline balance of the body. It has a lot of research data behind it. In that light, I like to drink wheatgrass juice, to alkalize myself, and I also really like goji berries and juice for that reason. (plus many others). If you're curious, do the research yourself. It's all on the Web!

Really dig green energy. I've studied renewables since the early eighties. So here's a couple sites I'm doing on Solar. Denver Solar for those looking in Denver, and Pueblo Solar for those down closer to me.

I love to point out my friend's stuff. I don't have time at the moment to list it, so I'll get to it later. If you're a friend, feel free to contact me to ask for a link here. If you don't have my contact info... well... then I guess you aren't my friend!

Cigar Reviews - I dig cigars. Here's a site that me an some friends are doing. Impartial reviews and ratings for cigars.

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